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Eco Friendly High Pressure Horizontal CFB Boiler For Industry Or Power Station

Eco Friendly High Pressure Horizontal CFB Boiler For Industry Or Power Station

  • Eco Friendly High Pressure Horizontal CFB Boiler For Industry Or Power Station
  • Eco Friendly High Pressure Horizontal CFB Boiler For Industry Or Power Station
Eco Friendly High Pressure Horizontal CFB Boiler For Industry Or Power Station
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Jiangsu , China
Brand Name: HD Boiler
Certification: ISO9001, ISO, ASME, CE, SGS
Model Number: CFB Boiler
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Seaworthy packing
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 300 tons per month
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Detailed Product Description
Style: Horizontal,CFB Boiler,Electric Hot Water Boiler Fuel: Coal-fired,Water Heat
Pressure: High Pressure,220V/50Hz Usage: Industrial,Industry/Power Station
Structure: Water Tube Product Name: Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler,Fuel Cfb Low Pressure Natural Gas Fired Kiln Drying Steam Boiler
High Light:

circulating fluidized bed boilers


utility boiler


Eco-friendly High Pressure Horizontal CFB Boiler for Industry or Power Station

Product Introduction

  • The circulating fluidized bed boiler USES clean coal combustion technology with the highest degree of industrialization
  • .The circulating fluidized bed boiler adopts fluidized combustion, and its main structure includes combustion chamber (including dense phase region and dilute phase region) and recycling furnace (including high temperature gas-solid separator and recharging system).
  • The circulating fluidized bed boiler is developed on the basis of bubbling bed boiler.But there's a big difference.The early circulating fluidized bed boiler has a high fluidization rate, so it is called rapid circulating fluidized bed boiler.The basic theory of fast bed can also be applied to circulating fluidized bed boilers.



1.Auxiliary fuel economizer;

Molecular structure of hydrocarbons by the fuel economizer processing, change, increase the distance between the molecules, the increase in the number of small molecular fuel viscosity decreased, the result of the fuel oil before burning atomization, refined, to improve greatly, spray into the combustion chamber internal are fully under the condition of low oxygen combustion, thus the blast volume of combustion equipment can reduce 15% to 20%, avoid to take away the heat in the flue, flue temperature drop 5 ℃ to 10 ℃.After the fuel of the combustion equipment is processed by energy saver, it can save oil from 4.87% to 6.10% due to the improvement of combustion efficiency. Besides, it can be clearly seen that the flame is bright and dazzling, black smoke disappears, and the furnace is clear and transparent.Completely remove the coking phenomenon of the combustion tip and prevent recoking.The phenomenon of slag accumulation on furnace wall due to insufficient combustion of fuel can be eliminated, and the effect of environmental protection and energy saving can be achieved.The pollution to the air caused by waste gas from combustion equipment is greatly reduced. The harmful components such as carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and hydrocarbon (HC) are greatly reduced, and the emission of harmful waste gas is reduced by more than 50%.Meanwhile, the dust content in waste gas can be reduced by 30%-40%.Location: between the pump and the combustion chamber and nozzle, the environment temperature should not exceed 360 ℃.


2.An energy saving device for a condensing gas boiler is installed on the upper wall.

The exhaust of gas-fired boiler contains up to 18% steam, which contains a large amount of latent heat which is not utilized. The exhaust temperature is high and the obvious heat loss is great.The burning of natural gas still emits nitrogen oxides, small amounts of sulfur dioxide and other pollutants.Reduce fuel consumption is the best way to reduce costs, condensing type gas boiler economizer can be installed directly in the existing boiler flue, recycling of the high temperature flue gas energy, reduce fuel consumption, economic benefit is very obvious, at the same time, the condensation of water vapor absorption nitrogen oxide in flue gas, sulphur dioxide and other pollutants, reduce the pollutant emissions, has the important significance of environmental protection.

3.Tube grid adopts condensing waste heat recovery boiler technology;

Traditional boiler, exhaust smoke temperature is in commonly 160 ~ 160 ℃, the flue gas water vapor is still in the overheated state, it is impossible to condense into liquid water and release latent heat of vaporization.It is well known that the boiler thermal efficiency is calculated by the low calorific value of fuel without considering the latent heat loss of vaporization in the high calorific value of fuel.Therefore, the thermal efficiency of traditional boiler can only reach 87% ~ 91%.And condensing waste heat recovery boiler, it reduce the exhaust temperature to 50 ~ 70 ℃, full recovery of sensible heat and water vapor condensation latent heat of the flue gas, increase the thermal efficiency;The condensed water can also be recycled.


4.The tail of the boiler adopts heat pipe waste heat recovery technology.

Waste heat is the energy that is not utilized in the energy utilization equipment under certain economic and technological conditions, namely the surplus and waste energy.It includes waste heat of high temperature waste gas, waste heat of cooling medium, waste water waste heat of waste gas, waste heat of high temperature products and slag, waste heat of chemical reaction, waste heat of combustible waste gas liquid and waste waste and pressure of high pressure fluid.According to the survey, the total waste heat resources of various industries account for about 17%~67% of their total fuel consumption, and the recycled waste heat resources are about 58% of the total waste heat resources.




Highest Allowable Outputs

• Highest Pressure.
• Highest Temperature.
• Steam Flow (up to 1,000,000 PPH).


Greatest Fuel Flexibility

• Best overall solution for high moisture fuels.
• Ability to burn fuels containing mid-level amounts of alkali.
• Proficient at combusting fuels from the extreme low-end to extreme high-end moisture contents.


Higher Efficiencies

• Lowest excess oxygen required for complete combustion.
• Lowest unburned carbon.


Lowest Uncontrolled Emissions of NOx, SO2, CO, VOC’s and PM.




Model Capacity (t/h)



Steam temperature


Feed water temperature

Desulfurization efficiency


HD-35/3.82-M 35 3.82 450 150 min 82
HD-35/5.3-M 35 5.3 450 150 min 82
HD-75/3.82-M 75 3.82 450 150 min 82
HD-75/5.3-M 75 5.3 485 150 min 82
HD-75/9.8-M1 75 9.8 540 215 min 82
HD-130/3.82-M 130 3.82 450 172 min 82
HD-130/5.3-M 130 5.3 485 172 min 82
HD-130/9.8-M 130 9.8 540 215 min 82


Eco Friendly High Pressure Horizontal CFB Boiler For Industry Or Power Station 0

Company information


Hua Dong Boiler Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing boilers. Established in early 1985s, has two manufacturing bases, this company covers 400,000 ㎡ with fixed assets amounting to USD 110,000,000. There are 1100 employees including 150 technicians and 600 coded welders. Hua Dong holds the manufacturing licenses for Grade A boilers and Grade A1&A2 pressure vessels issued by Chinese General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine; also it holds the "S" and "U" "NB" stamps issued by American Society of Mechanical Engineers; meanwhile, this Company has passed the certification of ISO9001, SO3834, EN12952 Quality Management System.

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