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ASME Steel CFB Coal Fired Boiler Drum In Thermal Power Plant

ASME Steel CFB Coal Fired Boiler Drum In Thermal Power Plant

ASME Steel CFB Coal Fired Boiler Drum In Thermal Power Plant
ASME Steel CFB Coal Fired Boiler Drum In Thermal Power Plant
ASME Steel CFB Coal Fired Boiler Drum In Thermal Power Plant
Product Details:
Place of Origin: JIANGSU, CHINA
Brand Name: HD Boiler
Certification: ASME, SGS, TUV, ISO9001, Grade A
Model Number: HDBSD001
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 sets
Price: USD6000 to USD8000per ton
Packaging Details: seaworthy packing for exporting with bundle
Delivery Time: 60-85 days after getting the down payment or L/C
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: About 500 tons per month
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Detailed Product Description
Style: Horizontal Usage: Industrial,Industry/Power Station,Heating
Output: Hot Water/Steam Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Stell, Alloy Steel And ND Steel
Fuel: Coal-fired Pressure: High/Low Pressure
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ASME Steel Boiler Drum


CFB Coal Fired Boiler Drum


boiler drum in thermal power plant



Long Life Heating Steam Steel Boiler Drum




Product Description


The concept of drum refers to the pressure drop or rise caused by the water circulation. It can also be understood that the drum is the pressure change formed by the fusion of gas and water. The air and water molecules in the limit pressure will increase the pressure rise of the gas, resulting in the pressure gathering molecules producedafter the high pressure reaches a certain value. In industry,drum tank is an industrial equipment which can withstand the air pressure and water level pressure produced by the drum.

Steam drum is the most important pressure component in natural circulation boilers. It is mainly used in medium pressure and high pressure subcritical boilers in power generation.


Drum is a cylindrical pressure vessel used in water-pipe boiler for steam and water separation and steam purification, forming a water circulation loop and string pot water. Its main function is to receive the water from economizer, separate steam from water and supply water to circulation loop, and transport saturated steam to superheater. There is a certain amount of water in the drum, which has a certain of heat and material savings. When the working conditions change, the speed of vapor pressure change can be slowed down. When the water supply and load are not coordinated for a short time, it plays a buffer role. The drum is equipped with internal devices for steam-water separation, steam cleaning, pot medication and continuous sewage discharge to ensure steam quality, as shown in the figure.

Drum is the most bulky and expensive thick-wall pressure-bearing component in boiler. The drum not only withstands high internal pressure, but als produces thermal stress due to the fluctuation of wall temperature caused by the change of operating conditions. Therefore, the working conditions are bad, the effective operation condition supervision is needed.

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Working procedures

1. The mixture of steam and water coming from the water wall enters the drum through the upper inlet pipe of the drum. Along the narrow annular passage formed by the inner wall of the drum and the arc liner, the steam-water mixture can be uniformly transferred to the inner wall of the drum at an appropriate flow rate, thus overcoming the difficulty of excessive temperature difference between the upper and lower walls of the drum during start-up and shutdown of the boiler and enabling faster start-up.

2. The steam-water mixture entering the drum enters the steam-water cyclone separator, and uses the inertia of changing the flow direction to separate the steam-water mixture, which is the first separation of the steam-water mixture.

3. The separated steam still contains a lot of water. It enters the corrugated plate separator from the top of the separator. The steam with some water droplets flows through the cracks between the corrugated plates, and the water film is formed on the metal wall to flow downward.

4. The steam after secondary separation is finally cleaned by steam, and gravity separation is carried out by using the density difference of water, which is the third separation.

5. After three separations, the steam meets the steam quality standard, and leads to the platen superheater from the saturated steam pipe at the top of the drum.

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Water circulation

1. Usually there is coexistance of steam and water in the steam drum. Under certain pressure, the temperature of water vapor in the drum is also different(refers to the characteristics table of water dissolving, i.e. the rated saturation temperature under rated pressure). If it is in the saturated state, the temperature of water is the same as that of steam.

2. The circulation of water in drum is a convective heat cycle(except for the heat radiation from the outer wall of drum and the direct heat transfer from the smoke pipe or the outer wall). The heat is exchanged in the process of moving upward because of the light weight of hot water. After a certain amount of heat is reaches, part of the water is converted to gaseous state.



There are main functions of steam drums as below:

1. It is the junction hub of three processes of working medium heating, evaporation and superheating to ensure the normal water circulation of boilers.

2. Inside, there are steam-water separator and continuous blowdown device to ensure the quality of boiler steam.

3. Have a certain amount of water, have a certain capacity of heat storage, ease the change speed of vapor pressure.

4. The drum is equipped with pressure gauge, water level gauge, accident discharge water, safety valve and other equipment to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.



Product name Boiler steam drum
Material Alloy Steel
Dimension As requirement
Function Steam seperation device
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