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Industrial Coal Energy Saving Boiler Superheater

Industrial Coal Energy Saving Boiler Superheater

  • Industrial Coal Energy Saving Boiler Superheater
  • Industrial Coal Energy Saving Boiler Superheater
  • Industrial Coal Energy Saving Boiler Superheater
  • Industrial Coal Energy Saving Boiler Superheater
Industrial Coal Energy Saving Boiler Superheater
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China,Zhangjiagang City
Brand Name: HD Boiler
Certification: ISO9001 , SGS , ASME "S" "U"
Model Number: Boiler Superheater
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Seaworthy Packing
Delivery Time: 35 Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union,
Supply Ability: 1000 Tons / Month
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Detailed Product Description
Fuel: Coal Type: Energy Saving
Range Of Applications: Coal Fired Industrial Boiler Specification: Customized
Surface Treatment: High Corrosion Certification: ISO, ASME
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industrial boiler superheater


coal boiler superheater


energy saving boiler superheater


High Temperature Superheater Boiler Spare Parts Corrosion resistant For Industrial Boiler





Superheater&Reheater, Custom Component For Boiler


A superheater is a component that heats saturated steam in an industrial boiler, turning it into superheated steam. Our superheater guarantees that the superheated steam temperature will fluctuate to within an allowable range (normally varies from 540°C to 500°C)when the boiler is over loaded.




In a subcritical boiler, the SH is between the main-steam header and the steam drum and consists of
• Saturated tubes that transport steam from the drum to the SH inlet header (when the SH tubes are not directly connected to the drum)
• Superheater banks with their respective inlet and outlet headers
• Attemperator station for STC
• Main-steam header with all fittings and terminating with the main-steam stop valve (MSSV)
Steam from the steam drum flows toward the main-steam header, and there should be no valve between the two to ensure flow in SH tubes under all conditions to prevent over­heating and failure.



Reheating of steam involves withdrawal of partly expanded steam (at the end of the high — pressure cylinder of the turbine), taking it back to the boiler in cold reheat pipes, heating to the same or higher temperature as the superheated steam, and returning to the turbine in hot reheat pipes. In terms of hardware, an RH system comprises


• Cold reheat pipe from turbine to boiler
• Safety valves on the cold reheat pipe
• Emergency spray-water attemperator system on a cold reheat pipe or interconnect­ing pipe
• Reheater bank complete with inlet and outlet headers
• Hot reheat pipe from boiler to turbine



Immerse the serpentine tube in a liquid container.When the inside of the snake is liquid.In order to constantly fill the whole pipe, the liquid should be fed from the lower end of the pipe to the upper end of the pipe.When steam is introduced into the snake tube, in order to avoid water hammer and blockage due to the accumulation of cold liquid in the tube, steam should enter from the top and condensate is discharged from the bottom.

The structure of submerged coil heat exchanger can be divided into two types: undetachable and detachable.In the selection, should be based on the cleanliness of the medium and corrosion.Packing height and material used.The choice of gasket materials can be determined by the use of pressure, temperature and the nature of the medium in the equipment.



Submerged coil heat exchanger, usually used for cooling, condensing or heating, cooling and evaporation of medium outside the tube.

Its advantages are simple structure, low cost and convenient operation and management.In addition, it can withstand high pressure in the coil. In addition, it is often used as the heat transfer component in the reactor with small heat transfer area.

Disadvantages: usually, the medium velocity in the container is very low, so the heat transfer coefficient outside the pipe is small.In addition, the overflow degree of all places in the container is roughly similar, so the average temperature difference is not large, so the heat transfer effect is poor.The equipment was bulky.Not suitable for use as a heat exchanger with large heat exchange area.



The material of superheater&reheater is steel pipe,copper pipe,other nonferrous metal,ceremic pipe,graphite pipe and so on.


ADVANTAGES Of Superheater And Reheater

1. The economizer is to heat the boiler feed water (softened water) to raise the feed water temperature, instead of heating the boiler water.Absorbing the waste heat of flue gas to heat the boiler, reducing the heat loss, improving the efficiency of the boiler and saving coal accordingly.

2. The economizer shall install the safety valve and temperature gauge separately. In case of water shortage accident of the boiler, the bypass waterway of the economizer shall be opened immediately and the inlet and outlet of the economizer shall be closed.

3. The feed water is heated in the economizer before entering the evaporative heating surface to reduce the heat absorption of water in the evaporative heating surface, which is equivalent to replacing part of the evaporative heating surface with the economizer.


4. The heating surface of the economizer is much cheaper than that of the evaporating heating surface.


Industrial Coal Energy Saving Boiler Superheater 0


Send us required technical data, such as steam capacity, presure, required temperature etc. We will design accordingly.



HD Boiler offers a best in class facility


For over 30years, Hua Dong Boiler has been consistently innovating and improving our boiler superheaters and reheaters.The improvements in bending,welding and design ensure our products meet both Euorpean and American standards, ensuring a relabile performance.


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