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Boiler Economizer, Custom Boiler Component

Boiler Economizer
January 12, 2021
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The boiler economizer is an indispensable mechanical device for coal fired boilers, and is located at the boiler flue, where heat is captured from the flue gas in order to pre-heat cold water inlet or heat the boiler feed water. Our economizers are generally made of 20 low and medium pressure boiler pipes, 20G seamless steel tubes or ASME grade steel tubes. It reduces the flue gas temperature and maximizes the heat recovery to help customers reduce fuel costs. When entering the steam drum, the temperature of the feed water is increased after it has been heated using the economizer. The thermal stress caused by the temperature difference between the steam drum wall and the feed water is reduced, which reduces the shrink and swell in the steam drum. Our economizer is an excellent, less expensive replacement for high temperature boiler water wall tubing, thus reducing manufacturing costs for coal fired boilers.