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Serrated Sprial Type Boiler Fin Coil For Heat Exchange

Serrated Sprial Type Boiler Fin Coil For Heat Exchange

Serrated Sprial Type Boiler Fin Coil For Heat Exchange
Serrated Sprial Type Boiler Fin Coil For Heat Exchange
Serrated Sprial Type Boiler Fin Coil For Heat Exchange
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HD Boiler
Certification: ISO9001,ASME,Grade A,SGS,EN
Model Number: Boiler Finned Tube
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Iron Frame Packing
Delivery Time: 30 - 60 Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 500 Tons Per Month
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Detailed Product Description
Condition: New Structure: Water Tube
Fuel: Biomass, Coal-Fire Pressure: Low / High Pressure
Range Of Applications: Heat Exchange Specification: Customized
Manufacturing Level: A Surface Treatment: Painted
High Light:

Spiral Type boiler fin coil


Serrated boiler fin coil


Serrated Spiral copper fin tube


Serrated Boiler Fin Tube Sprial Type For Heat Exchange Use Long Service Life


Product Description
Serrated spiral finned tube is a special-shaped extended surface developed on the basis of spiral finned tube. Its manufacturing process is similar to that of high-frequency welded spiral finned tube, but the difference is that the gap of the strip must be cut before winding the serrated spiral finned tube.When winding, the cut part is separated naturally, forming a gear shape.On high frequency welding spiral fin hobbing winding technology not only simplifies greatly reduced (deformation), has combined with tight, high strength, thermal shock and mechanical shock, thermal performance is good, small flow loss, strong corrosion resistance performance, and has considerable diffusion surface, in cold and hot condition for a long time is not easy to deformation, long working life, also because of the destruction of flow boundary layer and intensified heat transfer.This serrated fin has been widely used in air conditioners and boiler economizers.


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Our products can be modified according to our customers' needs and the situation.we design and manufacture safe,reliable and efficient H-fin tubes.HD BOILER has also completed stand-alone product quality assurance systems.Production of fin tubes are with high heat transfer efficiency, they have flue gas resistance and are designed for a small space.




1. Good corrosion resistance

The wear is mainly due to the impact and cutting effect of gray particles on the pipe. The wear is the most severe around the pipe at a level of 30 degrees. When S1/d=S2/d=2, the wear amount here is 3 times of the average value.

Due to the change of air flow direction, the second row has the most severe wear. When S1/d=S2/d=2, the second row is twice as much as the first row wear, and the subsequent row wear is generally 30% to 40% higher than the first row.

The arrangement of the first row is the same as the arrangement of the first row in the sequence.Under the same conditions, the maximum wear of the longitudinal tube bundle is 3-4 times less than that of the staggered tube bundle.

The abrasion speed of the pipe is directly proportional to the non-uniformity coefficient of the flue gas velocity KV3.33, and is directly proportional to the non-uniformity coefficient of the fly ash concentration Ku.

The h-shape finned tube economizer is arranged in sequence. The h-shaped fin divides the space into several small areas and has a uniform flow effect on the airflow. Compared with the optical tube economizer, spiral fin economizer and longitudinal fin economizer with staggered arrangement, the wear life is 3-4 times higher under other conditions.

Flue gas side damper protects the bend part.

2. Reduced dust accumulation

Ash formation occurs on the pipe's back and windward sides.It is easy to scour the pipe by disarrangement, and less dust accumulates on the back.As for the pipe arrangement in sequence, due to the fact that the air flow is not easy to flush the back of the pipe, there is more ash accumulation in the pipe arrangement in sequence than in the wrong column.

The h-type fin is welded on both sides of the pipe, which does not accumulate ash, while the air flow flows straight, the air flow direction does not change, and the fin does not accumulate ash.

A gap of 4-10 is left in the middle of the h-type fin, which can guide the air flow to sweep the pipe fin to accumulate dust.

As the spiral Angle of the fin guides the flow direction, the ash accumulation of the fin tube is more serious, and the economizer which does not form loose ash cannot be used.Field operation shows that the h-shaped fin tube does not accumulate ash, while the spiral fin is seriously.

The longitudinal fin tube is formed by the flow of air along the fin as the fin is welded on the surface and back of the accumulated ash.Some areas are prone to dust accumulation.

The h-shaped fin, which forms a straight channel on both sides, has the best blowing effect.

3. Compact space and low cost

The pipe set is much compact and reduces the height of tail smoke well.

The total weight is greatly reduced and the load of the suspension system is reduced.

Reduce cost of economizer and integral boiler.

4. Reduce smoke lateral resistance

Reduce the operating and investment cost of induced fan.

5. Reduce welding joint and improve reliability.


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Technical Parameters

Item Base Tube O.D
Base Tube Thickness (mm) Fin Height (mm) Fin thickness(mm) Fin Pitch(mm)
Range 25.4 mm ~1600mm 2.5 mm ~40 mm 0.5 mm ~20.0 mm 0.5 mm ~3.0 mm 5 mm ~ 25.4 mm
Material Carbon Steel,Alloy Steel,Stainless Steel
Length 0<L≤ 12000



Company Introduction

Established in 1985,Zhangjiagang Hua Dong Boiler Co.,Ltd.(trading as HD Boiler),produces power plant; industrial; waste heat; waste incineration; biomass; organic heat carrier and electric steam boilers. Coupled with a comprehensive range of heating surfaces, HD Boiler brings to the market a unique service including boiler design , fabrication, installation, maintenance and replacement of boiler pressure parts.


1. Fabrication area of 200,000 square meters

2. 80 Engineers

3. 200 Coded welders

4. 30 Licensed Inspectors(NDT Level-III instructors)

5. Class-A Licenses for Design and Manufacture Boiler

6. ISO 9001:2015 Quality System

7. ASME Certificate of Power Boilers

8. ASME 'S','U' and NB stamp authorization

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Zhangjiagang HuaDong Boiler Co., Ltd.

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Tel: +8615950970857

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