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SGS Energy Saving Natural Circulation Exhaust Gas Economizer

SGS Energy Saving Natural Circulation Exhaust Gas Economizer

  • SGS Energy Saving Natural Circulation Exhaust Gas Economizer
  • SGS Energy Saving Natural Circulation Exhaust Gas Economizer
  • SGS Energy Saving Natural Circulation Exhaust Gas Economizer
SGS Energy Saving Natural Circulation Exhaust Gas Economizer
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HD BOILER
Certification: ISO9001 , SGS , TUV , ASME , EN
Model Number: Boiler Economizer
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set / Sets 10tons
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Seaworthy Packing
Delivery Time: 35 days
Payment Terms: Western Union, L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 1000 Tons per month
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Detailed Product Description
Material: Stainless Steel Usage: Energy Saving
Type: Natural Circulation Structure: Hot / Water Tube
Output: Hot Water/Steam Fuel: Coal/Gas/Oil-fired, Water Heat
High Light:

energy saving exhaust gas economizer


natural circulation exhaust gas economizer


SGS exhaust gas economizer

Energy Saving Exhaust Gas Economizer Gen Bank Tube Used For Power Station Boilers





(1) HDB consistently executes successful boiler economizer installations using safe, cost-effective methods. Economizers improve boiler performance by increasing fuel efficiency and improving steam generation and response time.


(2) We can guide you through the process of installing or retrofitting existing boiler systems .

Our expert boiler economizer and waste heat recovery system installations can reduce your overall fuel requirements, lower emissions, and ultimately reduce your boiler operating costs.




During boiler operation in typical commercial and industrial applications, approximately 10-20% of the heating value of fuel is expelled with the stack gases to the atmosphere. Stack economizers are designed to recover significant amounts of this stack gas energy loss, thereby vastly improving boiler system efficiency. There are several considerations when selecting an economizer:


1, Gas-side Pressure Drop. Added back-pressure on the boiler stack affects the combustion air fan throughput capability. The economizer and combustion air fan(s) must be sized properly in order to assure a suitable system operation and capacity.

2, Feedwater Temperature. The feedwater to the economizer must be deaerated and the temperature setpoint minimally at 220oF to prevent tube corrosion.

3,Water-side Pressure Drop. Feedwater pumps must be sized to accommodate the economizer pressure drop. Additionally, a continuous modulating feedwater system is required to ensure proper flow rates through the economizer.


Various boiler economizers can be fabricated

  • Steel Boiler Economizer (SA210A1, SA210C, SA213T22)
  • Carbon Steel H-Shaped Steam Boiler Economizer
  • Alloy Steel Boiler Economizer
  • Spiral Welded Economizer
  • CFB Boiler Economizer
  • Power Station Boiler Economizer
  • Steaming Economizer
  • Non-Steaming Economizer
  • Plain Tube Economizer
  • Finned Tube Economizer
  • Spiral Finned Tube Economizer
  • Serpentine Tube Economizer
  • ASME Standard Boiler Economizer
  • EN Standard Boiler Economizer
  • ISO Boiler Economizer


1 HDB produces economizers for utility boilers, which includes boilers fueled by coal, wood, oil, or other solid fuels to produce electricty from the boiler's high pressure steam.
2 These economizers are usually located in the back pass of the boiler and oriented with the tubes running horizontally.The boiler feedwater runs through the economizer circuits in the opposite direction of the gas flow (called counterflow).
3 Bare tubes are typically utilized in order to minimize ash fouling, but some boiler OEM's design their economizers with finned tubes, either spiral or long finned.
4 HDB can produce economizer elements with either bare, spiral finned, or long finned tubes, and if you prefer, re-design your unit to one of the other tube-types. HDB can also fabricate replacement headers for all utility boiler economizers.


Package Boiler Economizer

1 HDB has unique manufacturing capabilities that the Optimus engineers take full advantage of when designing sulfuric acid plant economizers and superheaters.
2 Often this allows the Optimus units to be configured for higher heat transfer efficiencies which results in a reduced surface area requirement and, consequently, a lower-priced product.
3 HDB utilizes its on-site capabilities to fin and bend the tubes, machine and fabricate the headers, drill the tubesheets, cut and prep all casing materials, and perform all of the pressure part and casing welds.
4 This gives HDB more control of the manufacturing sequence and schedule which has helped us achieve a remarkable record of on-time delivery performance.


HRSG Economizer

1 Economizers for today's HRSG modules are configured with fintubes that hang vertically. HDB has fabricated economizer coils for virtually all of the HRSG OEM companies and understands the unique features of each.
2 In many cases, utilities desire to upgrade their economizers from plain carbon steel to an alloy material to help resist flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) inside the headers and tube bends.
3 HDB is a one-stop shop for economizer fabrication because we prep all the materials and perform all of the pressure part and attachment welding, from finning the fintubes, fabricating the headers, and assembling the coil bundle.



SGS Energy Saving Natural Circulation Exhaust Gas Economizer 0



  • Fuel saving: After the high temperature fuel gas released by fuel combustion transfers to the boiler water wall tubing, superheater, and reheater, the temperature is extremely high, the economizer makes it ideal for preventing heat loss. The economizer located at the flue of the boiler reduces the flue gas temperature, and maximizes the heat recovery to lower customer fuel costs.
  • Improvement of boiler steam drum working conditions: When entering the steam drum, the temperature of the feed water is increased after it has been heated using the economizer. The thermal stress caused by the temperature difference between the steam drum wall and the feed water is reduced, thus reducing the shrink and swell of the steam drum, and extends the service life.
  • Cost reduction of coal fired boilers: Water is being heated in the boiler economizer made using low temperature material. This makes the economizer a less costly replacement for high temperature boiler water wall tubing, and reduces overall boiler manufacturing costs.

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