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ASME Biomass Boiler Superheater In Power Plant

ASME Biomass Boiler Superheater In Power Plant

    • ASME Biomass Boiler Superheater In Power Plant
    • ASME Biomass Boiler Superheater In Power Plant
    • ASME Biomass Boiler Superheater In Power Plant
    • ASME Biomass Boiler Superheater In Power Plant
  • ASME Biomass Boiler Superheater In Power Plant

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: ZhangJiangGang City
    Brand Name: HDB
    Certification: ISO9001.ASME
    Model Number: Economizer Coils

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 10panels
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Iron FramePacking
    Delivery Time: 50ays
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, D/P
    Supply Ability: 1500 Tons / Month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Fuel: Biomass Type: Saving Energy
    Specification: Customized Surface Treatment: 100%PT Test Welding Joint
    Certification: TUV 、ASME Material: Carbon Steel(20#,20G,SA192,A-1),Alloy Steel(15CrMoG,12Cr1MoVG,T11,T22)etc.
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    Biomass superheater in power plant


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    100% Welding Joint Pt Test Boiler Spare Parts Superheater Used For Waste Heat Recovery Boiler



    Use of Superheaters in Industrial Boilers


    Superheaters are used where only dry steam is required in a process/machines such as Turbines. Any moisture content in a steam in such cases happens to degrade or corrode the machine thereby affecting its average operating life. So, superheater converts low-quality steam to high quality for end users.

    Sometimes, superheater is also needed when we need to transport steam to far off places as there are some temperature losses during its transportation.

    Superheaters can be used in a steam engine where absolute dry steam is needed to prevent wear and tear of engine parts.

    In case of water tube boilers, hot gases will provide the required temperature to produce superheated steam and superheater may be an additional part of the furnace area. In other cases, separately fired superheater may be required because gas turbine produced gases are relatively cool.


    Superheater&Reheater, Custom Component For Boiler


    A superheater is a component that heats saturated steam in an industrial boiler, turning it into superheated steam. Our superheater guarantees that the superheated steam temperature will fluctuate to within an allowable range (normally varies from 540°C to 500°C)when the boiler is over loaded.


    Super heater types:
    1. Radiant super heater: it is the earliest type of super heater and it is located above or behind banks of water tubes to protection them from direct flam or fire.
    Parameters that increases the convection

    a. Increasing the fuel-and air flow (combustion gas flow)
    b. Increasing the mass flow rate of the steam

    Radiation is mainly dependent on the flam temperature. as the steam flow rate increases the exit temperature become lower.
    Radiant super heater
    They are placed exposed to the heat source whcih requires the improvement of metal temperatures.

    Radiant and convetive super heaters and reheaters are used for high temperature steam.
    The accessory of high temperature radiant steam super heater in boiler

    It is made up of snake-like tubes (carbon steel, alloy steel or heat-resistant steel, etc.) and collection boxes and other supporting material. Tubes generally have φ32, φ38, φ42 or other types of specifications, according to user's needs separately.

    They are the sane as the super heaters but as their exit temperature is a little bit less than super heaters and their pressure is 20% -25% less than the super heater, they can stand less quality material alloys.

    Steam super heater is consisted of dense tube coils and is placed in the flue under the tempearture 450ºC-1000ºC.
    For power plant boiler capacity over 10Mpa, platen and coiled superheater are usually adopted.




    1 Material composition Carbon steel, alloy steel or heat-resistant steel, collection boxes and other supporting material. Tubes are customized types of specifications.
    2 Design pattern Vertical or horizontal layout.
    3 Advantages Beautiful appearance, size, accuracy, first-class bending and welding technology, first-class detection equipment.


    Manufacturing and acceptance criteria


    1 JB/T1611 " Technical specification for manufacturing of boiler pipes."
    2 JB/T1612 "boiler pressure test technical conditions. "
    3 JB/T1613 "Technical specification for welding of pressure parts of boiler."
    4 JB/T1615"Technical specification for painting and packing of boiler."
    5 JB/T3375 "Rules for receiving acceptance of materials for boiler construction."


    Design structure

    Superheating raises overall efficiency as well as avoids too much condensation in last stages of turbine which avoids blade erosion.

    • The heat of combustion gases from furnace is utilised for removal of moisture from steam and to superheat the steam.

    • Super-heaters ususlly have several tube circuits in parallel with one or more return bends,connected between headers.

    • Heat from the hot gases to the vapour in the surperheater is transferred at high temperatures.

    • Therefore promary section of superheater is arranged in counterflow and secondary section in parallel flow to reduce the temp.stressing of the tube wall.

    ASME Biomass Boiler Superheater In Power Plant 0


    Send us required technical data, such as steam capacity, presure, required temperature etc. We will design accordingly.



    HD Boiler offers a best in class facility


    For over 30years, Hua Dong Boiler has been consistently innovating and improving our boiler superheaters and reheaters.The improvements in bending,welding and design ensure our products meet both Euorpean and American standards, ensuring a relabile performance.


    We are the qualified supplier for the following large boiler manufacturers in China:

    • Shanghai Boiler Works Ltd.
    • Hang Zhou Boiler Group Co. Ltd.
    • Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd.
    • Dong Fang Boiler Group Co., Ltd.
    • Wuxi Huaguang Industrial Boiler Co., Ltd.
    • Jiangxi Jianglian Energy & Environment Co., Ltd.
    • Dalian Boiler Works
    • Suzhou Hailu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.



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