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China's strategy and economic adjustment under global COVID-19

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China's strategy and economic adjustment under global COVID-19
Latest company news about China's strategy and economic adjustment under global COVID-19

The global changes under covid-19 pneumonia are mainly in the following aspects:


The suspension of production in various countries leads to the direct stagnation of social production and the slowdown of economic growth.

Self isolation will also produce "autism", which increases the obstacles to international cooperation.

Many global economic chains have been irreversibly blocked, and the global economic chain is facing a reshuffle.

The crisis of "life and survival" has led to an increase in internal and external contradictions in many countries, and individual countries will fall into economic crisis, division and chaos.

In times of crisis, international relations will be re examined. Who are real friends? The contradictions in the original international relations will become apparent, and there will be new changes in the intimacy and estrangement of international relations.

In the context of globalization, mutual trust and assistance are precious. The "community of shared future" will become more vibrant and dominate the new pattern of the world.



So under the influence of the global epidemic, what should China think about its strategy and make economic adjustments?


We will continue to actively prevent and control the spread of the domestic epidemic, strive to eliminate the existing confirmed cases as soon as possible, and provide guarantee for the full restoration of social production and life. To fully restore normal production and life is the best way to expand domestic demand.

Strictly control the import and spread of overseas epidemic situation, build a monitoring and rescue system with 100% strict control of epidemic situation input, and continuously increase the system throughput capacity. We should not only ensure zero interference in domestic production, but also expand external channels and contacts under the special environment of epidemic situation, ensure foreign economic activity and reduce the risk and loss caused by the rupture of some foreign economic chains.

Actively lead the new world pattern of "community of shared future" in times of global epidemic crisis, help each other in times of crisis, mutual trust and cooperation, consolidate the partnership of shared destiny and jointly respond to various risks and challenges in the international situation.

Appropriately adjust the agricultural industrial structure, increase agricultural investment, ensure food security in the next three to five years, and ensure the stability of food prices and social life.

Adapt to the global medical market demand under the influence of the epidemic, take the market as the leading role, increase the pharmaceutical and medical and health production capacity and overseas market share, and take advantage of the trend to promote the leadership and cooperation of medical scientific and technological progress and market standards.

Take targeted and appropriate fiscal and tax support and relief measures to mitigate the domestic economic impact caused by the shrinking demand in the international market, and ensure the transitional adjustment of employment, people's livelihood stability and industrial optimization.

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