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Power Station Tubular ASME Air Pre Heater Of Boiler

Power Station Tubular ASME Air Pre Heater Of Boiler

  • Power Station Tubular ASME Air Pre Heater Of Boiler
  • Power Station Tubular ASME Air Pre Heater Of Boiler
  • Power Station Tubular ASME Air Pre Heater Of Boiler
  • Power Station Tubular ASME Air Pre Heater Of Boiler
Power Station Tubular ASME Air Pre Heater Of Boiler
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HD Boiler
Certification: ASME, SGS, ISO9001
Model Number: Boiler Air Preheater
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Packaging Details: Sea worthy Packing for Export
Delivery Time: 120 days
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Detailed Product Description
Type: Tubular Application: Thermal Power Station And Industrial Boilers
Material: Thin-walled Steel Tube Advantage: Good Sealing, High Heat Transfer Efficiency
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tubular air preheater of boiler


ASME Air Pre Heater Of Boiler


Horizontal Air Preheater Of Boiler

Tubular Air Preheater for Power Station Boilers and Industrial Boilers


General Introduction
Air preheater is a kind of equipment which can improve the heat exchange performance of the boiler and reduce the energy consumption. The function of the air preheater is to heat the flue gas discharged from the tail flue of the boiler and transmit it to the air before entering the boiler through the radiator, so as to preheat the air to a certain temperature.
The air preheater is generally used for coal-fired boilers in power station.It can be divided into tubular type and rotary type. The rotary type can be further divided into wind hood rotary type and heating surface rotary type.Power stations usually use the heating surface rotary air preheater. Generally, the application in boilers is two-compartment, three-compartment and four-compartment, among which the four-compartment is more commonly used in CFB boilers.




The main heat transfer component of tubular air preheater is thin-walled steel tube. The tubular air preheaters are mostly cubic. The steel tubes are arranged vertically and staggered with each other. Both ends are welded on the upper and lower tube sheets.The tubular air preheater is equipped with an intermediate tube sheet in the tube box. The flue gas passes through the preheater up and down the pipe, while the air passes through the preheater horizontally to complete heat transfer.

Tubular air preheater is widely used in power station boilers and industrial boilers because of its advantages of good sealing, high heat transfer efficiency, easy manufacturing and processing. The shortcomings of tubular air preheater are large volume, easy ash plugging of steel tube content, difficult cleaning and easy wear and tear at flue gas inlet.




1. Improve and enhance combusion
The air through the air preheater enters the boiler inside, and speed up the fuel processes of drying, ignition and combusion, and makes sure the stable combusion inside the bouler, and improve the combusion effieciency.
2.Enforce heat tranfer
Due to the improvement and enforcement of combusion in the boiler, as well as the increase of hot wind temperature when entering the boiler, the average temperature inside is increased, too. This can enforce the radiation heat transferrring in the boiler.
3.Reduce the boiler loss, decrease the exhaust gas temperature and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
Because the combusion inside is stable, and the radiation heat transferring is enhanced, it can reduce the loss caused by chemical incomplete combusion. On the other hand, the air preheater take the advantage of gas flue heat to further reduce the exhaust loss, which thus improves the thermal efficiency. According to experience, when the air tempeature inside the air preheater is increased by 1.5 degrees, the temperature of gas flue can be decreased by 1 degree. If installed, the air preheater can preheat the air by 150-160 degrees, then can reduce the temperature of gas flue by 110-120 degrees, and increase the thermal efficiency by 7-7.5% as well as save fuel by 11-12%.
4.the heat air can be the fuel desiccant.
For layer-burning boilers, it is okay to use fuel whose miosture and ash content is high when preheated air is available. For power station boilers, hot air is an important desiccant for fat power system and medium to convey coal powder.

Power Station Tubular ASME Air Pre Heater Of Boiler 0


Layout item
Horizontal layout Vertical layout
Tube arrangement

staggered arrangement /
in-line arrangement

staggered arrangement /
in-line arrangement

Sealing of pipe and plate

Packing heat- resistant material/


a,when gas scours external tube, welcoming smoke tubes have protective tile
b,when gas scours inside tube,wear casing pipes are installed in gas inlet.

Enamel air preheater products are classified as following by application
1.Enamel heat exchanger designed for denitration renovation projects
2.Enamel heat exchanger for circulating fluidized bed boiler and pulverized coal boilers Heat
exchanger parts for garbage incinerators and biomass boilers
3.Heat exchanger parts for grate furnaces, like chain grate furnaces4.Heat exchanger parts for gas-fueled boilers, such as kerosene boilers, coke ovens, etc.

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