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Steel Boiler Parts Superheater Coil Heat Exchanger For Thermal Power Station

Steel Boiler Parts Superheater Coil Heat Exchanger For Thermal Power Station

  • Steel Boiler Parts Superheater  Coil Heat Exchanger For Thermal Power Station
  • Steel Boiler Parts Superheater  Coil Heat Exchanger For Thermal Power Station
  • Steel Boiler Parts Superheater  Coil Heat Exchanger For Thermal Power Station
  • Steel Boiler Parts Superheater  Coil Heat Exchanger For Thermal Power Station
Steel Boiler Parts Superheater  Coil Heat Exchanger For Thermal Power Station
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HD Boiler
Certification: ISO9001,ASME,Grade A,SGS,EN
Model Number: Superheater and Reheater
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Seaworthy Packing
Delivery Time: 30 Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, D/P, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 500 Tons/Month
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Detailed Product Description
Fuel: Coal/Gas/Oil-fired,Water Heat Boiler Circulation Type: Natural Circulation/Once Through
Range Of Applications: Industry/Power Station Product Name: Superheater And Reheater In Boiler
Packing: Iron Frame Package Output:: Hot Water/Steam
High Light:

convection superheater


reheater in power plant

Steel Boiler Parts Primary/Secondary Superheater and Reheater as Heat Exchanger for Thermal Power Station




Product Description of Boiler Superheater and Reheater

For power plant boiler, it is a crucial way to increase thermal economy of thermal power station by improving parameter of superheated steam. The increase of superheated steam parameters are limited by metal materials. The design of superheaters must make sure that the temperature of outer wall of heating surface pipes is lower than allowable temperature of oxidation resistance of steel, and meanwhile make sure its mechanical strength. with the development of metal material used in boilers, power station boilers in our country already generally apply high pressure, high temperature(9.8MPa, 540 degrees) and superhigh pressure parameters(13.7 MPa, 540 and 555 degrees), and have developed subcritical pressure parameters(16.7MPa, 540 and 555 degrees). Now lots of boilers apply supercritical pressure parameters(24.5MPa, 540-570 degrees), and even very few units apply higher pressure and temperature parameters.


With the increase of steam pressure, in order to reduce the steam humidity of steam turbine tail as well as further improve the thermal economy of power station, middle reheating system is widely used in high parameters power station, e.g. sending the exhaust of the high pressure cylinder in steam turbine again back to be re-heated in the boiler to high temperature, and then re-sending them back to the medium-pressure and low-pressure cylinder of the steam turbine, expanding and working. The element for reheating is called reheater.

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In general, steam heated in high pressure superheater is named superheated vapour, the steam heated by reheater is called reheated vapour. The parameter of reheated steam is relating with economy of thermal circulation. Generally, the pressure of reheated steam is about one fifth of that of superheated steam, and the temperature of the former is almost the same as that of the latter. For example, in our nation for boiler with 125MW, 400t/h, the parameter for superheated steam is 133.7Mpa and 555 degrees; the inlet and outlet pressure of reheated steam is 2.5/2.35MPa, their temperature is 555 degrees, too. For boilers with 200MW, 670t/h, the parameter of superheated steam is 13.7MPa, 540 degrees; the inlet and outlet pressures are 2.7/2.5Mpa, and the temperature is also 540 degrees. For subcritical pressure control circulation boilers with 300MW, 600MW, superheated steam parameter is 18.27Mpa, 540 degrees; the inlet and outlet pressures are 3.83/3.63MPa, the temperature is also 540 degrees. Application of steam reheating system can increase the thermal economy for power stations by 4-5%. In our country, units with capacity over 125MW all apply one time middle reheating system, and overseas, two times middle reheating systems are applied for some units with higher parameters.


In modern boilers, the heat absorption consumption of the superheaters and reheaters is over half of total heat absorption for the working fluid, thus the heating surfaces of superheaters and reheaters account for a large proportion in total heating surfaces of boilers, and they must be placed in the areas where smoke temperature is higher, the working conditions are the worst among all the heating surfaces.Tube wall temperature of the heating surfaces is close to the max. allowable temperature of steel, so the reasonable arrangement and design of superheaters and reheaters matter so much for economy and reliability to the while boiler. When it comes to their design, on the basis of assurance of safety and reliability of superheater and reheater, it is very necessary to save metal consumption at the best, especially to save usage of alloy steel.

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Design structure of Boiler Superheater and Reheater


1. heating saturated steam, temperature up to 900 degree C.


2. high efficiency, >90%.


3. high speed heating.


4. design with stainless steel.


5. long design service life, 15 years.



Thechnical parameters

Material carbon steel, alloy steel , or durable heat steel
Tube OD 10-114mm
Tube W.T. 0.8mm- 15mm
Structure vertical or horizontal



Functions of Boiler Superheater and Reheater

The functions of superheater as below:

1. The dry saturated steam drum to further make the superheated steam heating. When the soda coexist, the soda heating the mixture, add heat can only be used to make soda water evaporate into steam in the mixture, and cannot make steam temperature of superheated steam. To get to the superheated steam, the commonly used method is to steam separated from the mixture of soda, for its further heating, accomplish this task components become the superheater.

2.reduce the temperature of flue gas, recover the heat in the flue gas, improve boiler efficiency.


Reheater is a kind of steam superheater that reheats the low-pressure steam that has done work and reaches a certain temperature. The role of reheater further improves the thermal efficiency of power plant circulation, and makes the steam temperature of the final stage blade of steam turbine controlled within the allowable range.

1, the role of the reheater, is to do some work in the steam turbine high-pressure cylinder steam, back to the boiler for reheating.Then it is sent back to the middle and low pressure cylinders of the turbine to continue the work.

2. Meet the parameters of reheater installation: in order to improve the cycle efficiency of the unit, only increase the steam pressure and not increase the temperature, will make the steam turbine exhaust humidity is too high, affecting the safety of the steam turbine.Further increase of steam temperature is limited by the high temperature characteristics and cost of steel.Using reheat cycle, the useful enthalpy drop of steam in steam turbine increases, which can further improve the cycle efficiency (primary reheat can improve the cycle efficiency by 4%-6%, secondary reheat can increase by about 2%), in addition, the exhaust humidity can be significantly reduced.



Technical data of Boiler Superheater and Reheater

power 2kw to 1000kw, temperature up to 900 degree C.


Send us required technical data, such as steam capacity, presure, required temperature etc. We will design accordingly.



Company Information of Boiler Superheater and Reheater

HD Boiler established in 1985, Zhangjiagang Hua Dong Boiler Co., Ltd. (trading as HD Boiler), is a professional industrial manufacturer, producing utility boiler,industrial boiler,HRSG boiler and all kinds of boiler parts, such as waterwall panels, economizers, air preheaters, superheaters, headers, spiral fin tubes, H-fin tubes, heat pipes etc. HD Boiler is located in Dong Lai Industrial Park, east suburb of Zhang Jia Gang City. The plant’s location is around 150km Expressway to Shanghai Port or 60km State Road to Suzhou or Wuxi, with transportation extending in all directions conveniently and quickly.




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