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ASME Boiler Membrane Wall Panel In Boiler With Fin Bar For Industry

ASME Boiler Membrane Wall Panel In Boiler With Fin Bar For Industry

ASME Boiler Membrane Wall Panel In Boiler With Fin Bar For Industry
ASME Boiler Membrane Wall Panel In Boiler With Fin Bar For Industry
ASME Boiler Membrane Wall Panel In Boiler With Fin Bar For Industry
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Zhangjiagang,China
Brand Name: HD BOILER
Certification: ISO9001 , SGS , TUV , ASME , EN
Model Number: Furnace wall
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 500 tons
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Iron Frame Package
Delivery Time: Within 50 Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 500 Tons / Month
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Detailed Product Description
Material: Cabon Steel/Stainless Steel/Alloy Steel Structure: Fire / Water Tube
Surface Treatment: Painted Range Of Applications: Industrial / Power Station
Specification: Customized Port: Shanghai
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boiler water wall panels


boiler water wall tubes


Performance Membrane Water Wall Tubes In Boiler With Fin Bar For Industry Use Long Lifetime


 Product Introduce: Boiler Membrane Water Wall Panel

1.Membrane walls are widely used in boilers for utility/power stations as a heat exchange part.


2.Membane water wall panels were combined with steel tubes and flats to ensure a good sealing and significant reduce the air leakage factor of negative preasure boiler,improve combustion condition in furnace.


3.Membrane water wall panels increase radiation heat surface and save steel consumption.





1 To guarantee the leakproofness of furnace wall and reduce the air leak of combustion chamber.
2 To achieve the full water cooling of combustion chamber, and the boiler accessories membrane water wall is benefit to prevent coking under the condition of supplemental firing.
3 The thermal storage capacity is small, the warming of combustion chamber is fast and the cooling is also fast, which could shorten the cooling time of boiler’s start and furnace shut down.
4 It is good to adopt top supported water cooled wall and it could reduce the load of boiler framework, which is benefit to overhang.
5 Compared with the bare tubes, the membrane water wall improves the heat absorption capacity of tubes.
6 The factory direct boiler membrane water wall could improve the Preliminary combination degree of boiler parts and reduce the installation workload.



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HD Boiler use submerged-arc welding technology to produce water walls as Eco-friendly requirement.

It also can guarantee a good sturdy construction and sealing.




1. Sturdy construction
2. High strength
3. Accurate dimensions
4. Corrosion resistant finish




Water wall panels are used in Waste Heat recovery boilers. We manufacture Water wall panels. These are fabricated out of carbon steel tubes to customers' drawings and specifications. Special care is taken for ovality and thinning at the bent portion, during fabrication.

We are manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of Waterwall Panels. The tubes offered by us are known to withstand a great internal pressure as a continual strip of fin material is wound spirally on the tube. These tubes are known to provide heat uniformly that result in an increased heat output.

The main function of water wall panels in boiler is to absorb the heat generated by high temperature flame or flue and to generate steam or hot water in tubes, hence to reduce the temperature in the chamber.



Construction Details

The combination characteristics of membrane water cooling wall are as follows:
1. Check and adjust the width, length, flatness and diagonal of the pipe row when the segmented pipe row is hoisted onto the combination frame.If the width of the tube row is greater than or less than the specified size, the fin can be cut to an appropriate length, adjusted to the specified size and then re-welded.When the diagonal difference of pipe row exceeds lOmm, fins between some pipes with larger size can be cut to reduce the distance between pipes to eliminate the diagonal difference, and then the fins can be welded.When the unevenness of the pipe row exceeds the allowable range, gantry frame can be used to correct the top pressure of the jack.
2. The butt joint of pipe row is different from that of a single pipe.The welding joint of a single pipe shrinks by about 1-2mm after welding, which has no effect on other pipes.But the pipe row is not the same, two sections of pipe row butt welding, if from one side to the other side of the sequence of welding, welding to the end of the pipe caused by the deformation is very large.Therefore, before the butt welding, the butt clearance of this welding joint should be comprehensively measured, and according to the butt clearance is too small, moderate, too large classification, if the butt clearance is too large or too small, must take the method of cutting the pipe, replaced with a moderate short pipe.At this time, due to the shrinkage of welding, the pipe with a larger gap will become solderable. In order to reduce the shrinkage deformation of pipe welding, the method of symmetry and cross welding should be adopted.
3. The lower part of the front and rear water cooling wall has furnace bottom (cold ash bucket), and the upper part of the rear water cooling wall has flame Angle, so the size of the component is larger and the shape is more special, so it is difficult to combine.
4. The single pass ball of the rear water wall pipe is different from other heating surface pipes.Because the rear water wall in the upper header box has a flameproof Angle, the number of flameproof Angle bending pipe is the same as that of the rear water wall, in order to increase the rigidity of the flameproof Angle, there is also a considerable number of spacing straight pipe (most furnace type).At the intersection of flame Angle and straight pipe, equidiameter special-shaped cast steel tee (three-branch pipe) is installed.In the straight tube and the junction between the top allied tank is equipped with orifice Φ 5 mm or Φ restrictor of 10 mm.In this way, most of the working medium bent pipe is conducive to the cooling of the flame Angle, and a small part of the working medium bent pipe ensures that the straight pipe and the curved pipe have the corresponding amount of expansion, so as to reduce the internal stress, so the difficulty of passing through the ball increases.



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